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Lucy Areias

Lucy Areias has been involved in agriculture for her entire life. She recently joined the FCFB Board, representing the dairy industry.

Lucy was born in Terceira, Azores and immigrated to California when she was 2 years old. She spent her childhood growing up on the dairies her father worked at in the Central Valley. Her dad, Antonio Areias, was very blessed to experience the "American Dream." In 1981, he started a dairy in partnership with her uncle. Six years later, he began his own family dairy called Areias and Meneses Dairy in partnership with Lucy's sister and brother-in-law, Joe and Marie Meneses, in the Hanford area. In 1995, the family moved their operation to Fresno.

In 2003, they built a new facility at their current Fresno location and have remained there ever since. A year later, Lucy became a partner in the dairy with her sister and brother-in-law, forming A&M Farms. A&M Farms milks approximately 1,800 cows, and farms corn, alfalfa and winter forage on just over 500 acres.

"Once I became a partner, I learned a lot more about the business," said Areias. "I started attending more meetings and became more involved in the California Milk Advisory Board (CMAB) and the California Dairies Quality Committee."

Even before becoming a partner in the business, Lucy had always been involved in the dairy. She's not afraid to roll her sleeves up and get her hands dirty. She is responsible for managing the farming aspect of the operation, as well as many of the daily dairy activities. Lucy also works to ensure that the operation is in compliance with environmental and safety regulations.

Lucy's interest in becoming involved in FCFB began after completing FCFB's Future Advocates for Agriculture Concerned about Tomorrow (FAACT) class. Upon completion, she spoke with FCFB CEO Ryan Jacobsen and past FCFB Board member and president, Debbie Jacobsen, about how to become actively involved in the organization. Lucy has a strong desire to learn and be engaged in the agricultural industry, and to give back to the ag community.

"I joined the FCFB Board because I want to be involved," said Areias. "I don't want to sit on the sidelines; I want to learn the information firsthand."

Lucy enjoys volunteering, especially in agriculturally related and community activities, and learning about new technology and agricultural practices. She loves country music, a good concert and spending time with family and friends.

"Farm Bureau encompasses all agriculture and all regulations that affect all of us in the long run," said Areias. "FCFB is a great organization to be a part of because agriculture is a tough industry."


Meet Your Board Members Profile: Ag Today, Aug 16
By: Katie Rodgers