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Daniel Hartwig


FCFB Board member Daniel Hartwig is a fourth generation grape farmer from Easton. He also works as the procurement manager at Woolf Farming and Processing, which is a diversified farming operation that grows almonds, processing tomatoes, pistachios, grapes, onions and garlic. Daniel oversees the company's capital expenditures and manages special activities such as well and pipeline installation and solar projects.

Hartwig's great-grandparents on his paternal side immigrated to the United States as Germans from Russia in the early 1900s. His great-grandparents grew up farming the Volga River region before they sought new and better opportunities in the U.S. His grandfather on his paternal side was born half-a-mile down the street from where his father currently lives and farms in Easton. Over the years, Hartwig's family raised grapes for wine and raisins, turkeys, alfalfa, cotton and tree fruit.

Hartwig himself grew up on his family's farm in Easton and as a child had responsibilities such as spreading turkey manure and tying canes.

My most vivid memory as a kid was my dad telling me if I didn't get the canes tied correctly, they would come off and slap you in the face, said Hartwig. I learned the hard way that he was telling the truth.

Daniel attended American Union Elementary, in Easton, and later graduated from Caruthers High School. He continued his education at California State University, Fresno where he received his bachelor's degree in agricultural economics and a master's degree in business administration.

After graduating from college, Hartwig went to work for Paramount Citrus where he was a citrus analyst. Soon after, he began working at Nisei Farmers League, where he worked heavily in grower and government relations, learning much about the regulatory challenges that growers face. Hartwig was there for six years before beginning his current positon at Woolf Farming and Processing.

Growing up, he was also immensely involved with his local 4-H program, where he grew sugar beets and showed goats and chickens. His appreciation for agriculture began during this time. Today, Daniel enjoys being outside and watching the crops progress throughout the season.

"There's nothing more amazing to me than the fact that you start out with a dormant vine, then it starts pushing buds and as you go through the process, you're harvesting a crop five months later," said Hartwig.

What it means to be a member of the Board

Agricultural groups like Fresno County Farm Bureau give a lot to make sure agriculture is protected and gets good publicity, said Hartwig, who grew up with ties to FCFB. I think it is important for us as farmers to recognize that. I am trying to do my part in contributing to the industry.

Hartwig also appreciates the organization because its advocacy represents growers and farm businesses to agencies and legislators. To Daniel, being on the FCFB Board allows him to participate in the representation of the stories of growers and farmers, staying engaged with current state and local issues and meeting other agricultural advocates.

Other areas of interest

When Daniel is not spending his time on the farm, he enjoys spending time with his son, Colby, who is four and daughter, Brooke, who is six, traveling with his wife, Jennifer, cooking, and playing and watching sports.


Meet Your Board Members Profile: Ag Today, Apr 15
By: Michelle Brasil