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Errotabere Ranches: Three brothers producing high quality products and meeting demand


Growers work together to achieve common goals

Errotabere Ranches is a family owned operation that was established in the late 1920s. Since then, it has passed through multiple generations and is a thriving farm business.

Today, Errotabere Ranches is run by the three Errotabere brothers: Dan, Jean and Remi. "We grew up on the farm, so it's always been a way of life for us," said Dan.

Each brother handles a different aspect of the business: Dan handless the business affairs; Jean is in charge of product management; and Remi is in charge of equipment management.

Errotabere Ranches is located in the Riverdale/Five Points area. The operation grows a variety of permanent and row crops including: almonds, pistachios, Pima cotton, wheat, garlic, onions and garbanzo beans. In the near future, the business is interested in producing wine grapes.

The company employs 20 year-round employees and an additional 20 contract labor employees during peak season.

Errotabere Ranches has been a member of Fresno County Farm Bureau (FCFB) since 1979. In 2012, the business became a Friends of the Family Farm sponsor.

"Farming in an urban state makes advocating more important now than ever before," said Dan, who currently serves as the California Farm Bureau Federation (CFBF) District Director.

Like many other farming operations, Errotabere Ranches faces many issues that are plaguing the agricultural industry. "Farm Bureau is necessary to emphasize and bring attention to these issues," said Dan noting that availability of water is a crucial part of their operation.

"Water is such a key element to farming," explained Dan. "It is the beginning of the farming process. The amount of water that is available will determine what crops you plant for that given year."

For Errotabere Ranches, managing resources is key. "We feel it's very important to implement as much technology as feasibly possible to manage and reduce water and labor supply while producing quality products," explained Dan. The business has installed drip irrigation and other useful, technologically advanced equipment.

Errotabere Ranches wants to be known as a reliable supplier, explained Dan. To the company, producing high quality produce is a priority. "We want to deliver a high level of expectation while meeting demand and making it economically feasible," said Dan.

As for the future of the family business, it is expected that some members of the next generation will join the farming operation, depending on their individual interests.

Friends of the Family Farm Spotlight Profile: Ag Today, March 13
By: Audra Roland