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Eurodrip U.S.A. is inaugural Friends of the Family Farm sponsor


Eurodrip U.S.A., Inc. of Madera, is the first company to participate in the Fresno County Farm Bureau Friends of the Family Farm (Friends) sponsorship program and has committed to a platinum sponsorship.

Eurodrip S.A., the parent company of Eurodrip U.S.A., was founded in Athens, Greece in 1979 and has grown to international proportions with a competitive presence in the global market. Today, there are Eurodrip manufacturing facilities in six countries, employing more than 450 individuals worldwide. The company is one of the oldest in the world to produce seamless, emitter-based tape.

In 1996, Eurodrip U.S.A., Inc. was founded in San Diego. The corporate office and manufacturing plant were relocated to Madera in 2005, due to lower production costs and the centralized location. Eurodrip U.S.A. currently distributes their drip irrigation products throughout the United States, Mexico and Canada, as well as Latin America. During some periods of the year, the plant operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week to meet consumer demand for its custom products. Today, Eurodrip U.S.A. employs more than 70 individuals.

Eurodrip U.S.A. is a vertically integrated company, according to Plant Manager Martin Bergman. The company is a full-service drip manufacturer that provides not only tape and tubing, but also supplies top quality hydraulic valves, filters, fittings and micro sprinklers to meet all grower needs and specifications. “Everything after the pump can be purchased here,” said Bergman.

The company prides itself in the performance of their seamless emitter-based drip tape. A discrete emitter (dripper) is used for each outlet in the tape, which provides uniform flows, as well as operating pressures that are the best in the industry, said President/CEO Jeff Tuel. More than 1 billion feet of drip tape and tubing are produced each year in Madera.

Eurodrip is an exciting place to be, said Bergman. The products produced here are reducing water usage, the need for chemicals and the need for herbicides. When watering below the surface, soil is not compacted and water is delivered directly to the root, Bergman continued. Irrigation is more efficient and productivity can increase 30 to 50 percent.

“Our goal is to provide the highest quality drip products along with the best customer service in the industry,” said Tuel. “Ultimately, our customers grow more using less water and fertilizer, thus improving their bottom line.”

The agriculture industry is the company’s primary focus and many of their customers are located within Fresno County. “As a steward of the ag industry, we feel it’s important to support our local communities and customers. FCFB does a great job supporting our customers, so we felt it important to support them,” Tuel said about the company’s commitment to the new Friends sponsorship program.

Another interesting fact about this full-service operation is that materials that aren’t utilized in the initial production process get recycled and used again, according to Bergman. Nothing is wasted.

“Eurodrip U.S.A.’s mantra is Quality. Value. People,” said Tuel. “It is on everything we produce and the attitude by which our employees work. Everyone in our company works hard to win our customers’ confidence recognizing that people do business with people, and quality, reliable products are essential to our customers’ success.”

To become a Friends of the Family Farm sponsor, or for more information about the program, contact FCFB at 559-237-0263 or


Friends of the Family Farm Spotlight Profile: Ag Today, April 11
By: Katie Rodgers