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Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau-Celebrating the Valley One Tourist at a Time

At the Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau, Fresno County's stories, sights and happenings are broadcast to tourists throughout the world.

"The mission of the FCCVB, as the marketing organization for Fresno County, is to promote the region to all travel markets in order to generate increased visitor spending, local tax receipts and job development," said Layla Forstedt, President and CEO of Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau.

Forstedt is no stranger to local tourism. She has spent the last 31 years in the hospitality industry, with nearly two decades of that with hotels. She has been with Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau since 2007, becoming CEO in 2010. In 2011, the organization switched from being funded by the city, to being funded through the tourism improvement district.

"One unique thing about Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau is that there is no other organization like ours in the area," said Chelsea Rasmussen, Communication Social Media Manager. "Our job is to promote everyone else, not our organization."

They promote local companies and tourism to Fresno County by advertising worldwide with different avenues such as print and video ads, a strong social media presence, a website that is constantly updated and a visitor's guide for tourists.

Their ads have been placed in numerous travel magazines and subway systems like BART in San Francisco.

They also have a dedicated sales team that participates in numerous trade shows throughout the year to help bring people to this area.

Their number one goal? Have people spend the night in Fresno or Clovis, eat at local restaurants and enjoy our attractions.

"While we generate our income through tourism assessment fees when guests stay at hotels, we promote the region as a whole because visitors bring in revenue to the city and locally owned businesses, which helps the local economy flourish," said Rasmussen.

Fresno/Clovis is centrally located, making it an easy target destination as tourists can stay here and explore other parts of California, including the world-renowned National Parks. Fresno County is the only County in the Nation with three national parks in its backyard.

Their Board of Directors' know the importance of increased tourism to Fresno and Clovis and are actively involved in the organization. Two-thirds of the board are in the hotel industry, plus a representative from the City of Fresno and Clovis, a County Board Supervisor, and a Fresno Chapter representative from the California Restaurant Association.

Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau also offers membership opportunities to local business. The income generated from that goes into their foundation, which gives back to local students with scholarships and internship opportunities.

They are also constantly interacting with their members and other local businesses to know what they should promote and the best connections for visitors to make the most of their trips to this area.

Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau are huge supporters of agriculture and knows how special this region is.

"A lot of our visitors come to the area for agriculture," said Rasmussen. "Our number one status is very interesting to people. Visitors come to explore the blossom and fruit trails, experience farm-to-fork meals, try locally grown produce they've never experienced before, and tour local farms in the area."

Fresno/Clovis Convention & Visitors Bureau sees Farm Bureau as a partner with the same goal.

They are a Friends of the Family Farm premium member.

"We joined Farm Bureau because Farm Bureau represents and supports so many businesses across Fresno County," said Forstedt. "As an organization, we support those businesses, and we support Fresno County agriculture."

By: Kayleena Speakman, October 2020