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Hall Management Corporation: A philosophy of distinguished service and full compliance


At the time of its establishment, a need for labor was prevalent within the San Joaquin Valley, so founder Earl Hall decided to obtain a Farm Labor Contractors license and start his own business.

Today, the need for farm labor within California is still very apparent and Hall Management has continued to step up to the challenge of filling that need. Since its establishment in 1964, the company has grown to become the largest farm labor contractor service in California.

Hall joined FCFB in the early 1990s. Recently, Hall Management became a Friends of the Family Farm sponsor because Earl felt it would be appropriate to support an organization that works on behalf of agriculturalists and businesses like his.

Hall Management employs seven full-time office staff and strives to ensure a sense of job security amongst its employees. "We are very available to our employees and are here to find a solution to any problems," said Hall.

Hall Management operates solely in California in 26 counties. The company provides service mostly to the San Joaquin Valley, but also reaches from Kern to Yolo counties and from Santa Barbara to Napa counties.

By implementing the decisions and providing the labor, the company allows farmers to do what they do best. Hall Management does the work of farming but does not make any of the production decisions, thus the decision making responsibility remains up to the farm managers and operators.

A unique and important aspect of Hall Management is that they do not have an operation or do any farming of their own. This assures their clients that the company does not have a bias that would affect how they provide service.

"We don"t want a conflict of interest," said Hall. "This leaves out any questions in the back of their mind about what we are doing."

All of the Hall companies have Farm Labor Contractors licenses. In addition, Hall Management has Pest Control Operators, Qualified Applicators Licenses and Pest Control Advisors on staff. The supervisors and crew leaders working for Hall Management have also been finger printed through the federal database.

"We furnish labor year-round," said Hall. "We can keep employees busy if they want to be."

Hall Management supplies all labor for their clients, which helps them minimize operating costs. Throughout the course of the year, the company employs up to 25,000 employees. During peak harvest, Hall Management will employ approximately 5,000 employees a week.

The majority of Hall Management's clients consist of "blue ribbon" companies, which are large in size. Hall puts an emphasis on his clients having the same philosophy as the company and that they remain fully compliant with all laws.

"We have resigned from millions of dollars a year in business because the clients were not interested in full compliance," said Hall.

Hall Management refuses to take on any new clients without meeting with the owner and the direct supervisor to ensure that a successful partnership can be established.

Hall Management works to distinguish itself from other farm labor contractors in not only the way they operate and provide service to their clients but how they cut costs as well. The company does not outsource anything. Instead, everything is done internally.

"Because we don't outsource we are able to do it cheaper than a farm can on its own," explained Hall.

Part of Hall Management's philosophy is that they fully service their clients to the best of their ability, as well as remain fully compliant with the law at all times.

Hall Management also actively gives back to the communities their employees live and work in.


Friends of the Family Farm Spotlight Profile: Ag Today, Feb 13
By: Audra Roland