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Hoppe Law: Community Roots. National Reach

At Hoppe Law, their goal is simple: to achieve tangible results for every client while forming sincere, long-term relationships along the way.

"To achieve our goal and hold ourselves accountable, we have implemented five 'golden rules' that we live by," said Tad Hoppe, Founder, Hoppe Law.

These five golden rules are:

Be honorable; Value the time of your clients; Defend the honor of your fellow attorneys; Give straight answers; and Have ideals you believe in.

In implementing these five 'golden rules' into their everyday practice, Hoppe Law's attorneys work with clients, opposing counsel and judicial officials from local to federal levels, with an extensive trial portfolio that spans courtroom, jury, appellate and federal venues.

Hoppe's career is one that has spanned over 30 years. He received his Juris Doctorate from the University of Nebraska College of Law and has been admitted to the State Bar of California since 1988. He founded Hoppe Law in 2008.

He is a civil litigator whose firm covers a wide range of areas including agriculture, business and insurance law, as well as transportation, catastrophic injury and bad faith cases.

Hoppe and his team also share their expertise with others through public speaking opportunities where they cover a wide variety of timely topics, AB-5 & Dynamex Case (Independent Contractor ABC Test) and Act of God Defence/Coronavirus (Force Majeure) to name a few.

When Hoppe is not immersing himself in his work, he is giving back and actively involved in the community alongside his wife, Erika.

"My wife and I share the same belief that if you live in a community, you find a way to give back," said Hoppe.

For years they have supported Catholic Charities, Valley Children's Hospital through the La Feliz Guild, Big Brothers Big Sisters and Friends of the Fair.

Hoppe has also fostered this same philosophy into the Hoppe Law culture, where the team's involvement expands to San Joaquin Valley Town Hall, Fig Garden Woman's Club, Humane Society and more.

Hoppe also prides himself on the diversity of his team, which includes six employees that service the Central Valley, Central Coast and garner national recognition.

"Diversity is more than just the visible traits of each person, but also includes the unique culture, cognitive and experiential characteristics that provide broader outlooks and various problem-solving techniques that ultimately benefit our clients," said Hoppe.

Hoppe Law is also a FCFB Friends of the Family Farm premium member.

Hoppe has taken a personal interest in the agricultural industry, which gives him an advantage when serving his ag clients. He is also well aware of the challenges that come with this industry.

"I've been admiring the work, resources and community that the Fresno County Farm Bureau has built, and I wanted to be a part of it," said Hoppe. "I look forward to furthering my knowledge and relationships in our local farming community through the efforts of the organization."

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By: Kayleena Speakman, November 2020