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JMLord, Inc.: Motivated to assist agriculture

For more than 40 years, JMLord, Inc. (JMLord) has provided complete agronomic, engineering and environmental consulting services to their clients across the Western United States.

Established in Fresno in 1976, JMLord was founded by Joe Lord, who had moved to California from Iowa while employed with Harza International. Known for his hard work and innovation, Joe was a pioneer and visionary in irrigation management, and he quickly noticed the need for agricultural consultants in the Central Valley. With the help of his team and General Manager Carter Pierce, they grew the business to serve their clients’ increasing needs. Joe remained involved in the business until his passing in 2016.

Today, JMLord continues the legacy of its founder and has evolved into a highly mobile and responsive firm of engineers and scientists with expertise in multiple fields including agronomic; civil and agricultural engineering; regulatory; laboratory testing; pest monitoring and irrigation scheduling.

“JMLord is a well-rounded company that strives to cover all the bases our growers need,” said Pierce. “We have a great team of scientists and consultants that provide professional services tailor-made for nearly any agricultural project.”

JMLord currently employs approximately 20 people, which can increase to nearly 40 employees during summer months. In addition to its full-time employees, JMLord hires interns from Fresno State, Cal Poly and other California universities, many of which stay with the company after graduation.

Due to increased territory and new technologies, JMLord recently moved to a new Fresno location. The new facility allows the company to serve its clients more efficiently and implement new services and technology.

“Over the years, we’ve grown from performing 4,000 lab tests per year to 10,000 per month,” explained Pierce. “With our new facility, we can broaden our services, allowing JMLord to cover more territory and increase our customer base.”

In addition to its employees’ academic accomplishments, JMLord maintains certificates and licenses as certified crop advisors, technical service providers, certified agricultural irrigation specialists, pest control advisors and professional engineers. This knowledge-base not only provides quality expertise, but it also gives way to practical application and on-site management of production and engineering situations for the company’s clientele.

JMLord has been a proud supporter of Fresno County Farm Bureau (FCFB) through their Friends of the Family Farm premium membership. “Most of my employees are Farm Bureau members,” said Pierce. “Farm Bureau continues to advocate on behalf of our local farmers and ranchers and keeps its members up-to-date on all the industry changes and new requirements.”

Moving forward, JMLord’s goal is to continue to expand its agricultural knowledge and expertise. “We may be growing in size, but we will always maintain the “‘small business-customer service mentality’’.

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