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PLATE Fresno increases agricultural awareness

Set to officially launch in July, PLATE Fresno is a comprehensive branding campaign that partners with Community Supported Agriculture (CSA), farm stands and farmers� markets to promote healthy eating and increased consumption of local agricultural products. Additionally, the project aims to educate consumers about agriculture.

�PLATE Fresno stands for Promoting Local Agriculture To Everyone,� said Project Manager Jensen Vang. �PLATE�s purpose is to increase public awareness, with the initial goal being to develop an interactive map of farm stand locations. Awareness may be as simple as going to a website to learn about a local company, or visiting a farm stand to purchase produce,� he added. �The project encourages consumers to buy local and utilize technology to build social interaction between entities.�

Eventually, the project will roll out additional features, including a blog that highlights local agriculture. PLATE Fresno brings together farmers, health and nutrition specialists, as well as food representatives. Since it is still in the early phases, organizers are continuing to develop how it will best benefit all stakeholders.

The project improves access to information about agricultural entities that are located in rural areas throughout the county. It also allows farmers to become more engaged with the local community and teaches them about the use of technology and how it can promote their farm stands, CSAs and farmers� markets.

Currently, PLATE Fresno serves the Fresno County area. However, in the future other county branches may open. Staffing for the campaign includes a project manager (Vang) that focuses on food and agriculture aspects and works with partners. Additionally, there is a marketing team, which handles technology, design and all other back end responsibilities.

�Branding makes this project very unique,� said Vang. �The local community takes agriculture for granted. We don�t realize the jobs agriculture creates or the fresh produce we have access to.�

Vang explained that the partners involved with the project are strong local food entities. These partners are assets because their diversity enables PLATE Fresno to be on the cutting edge and provide a great service to the community.

�We�ve known Fresno County Farm Bureau for a long time,� said Vang. �Farm Bureau is very reputable and it was a given to partner with the organization. Becoming a premium member was another way to stay connected with Farm Bureau and provide additional support. We have the same vision � to support agriculture.�

To learn more about PLATE Fresno, or to sign up, visit or the Facebook page at


Friends of the Family Farm Spotlight Profile: Ag Today, July 16
By: Katie Rodgers