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Private Wealth Advisors helps clients find financial peace of mind

Private Wealth

Private Wealth Advisors became a Friends of the Family Farm sponsor in 2011 after receiving literature about the new FCFB sponsorship program in the mail.

"I like the organization and felt compelled to contribute," said Certified Financial Planner and Private Wealth Advisors co-founder Martin Mazorra.

In 2006, certified financial planners Martin Mazorra and Chris Murray founded the wealth management firm, Private Wealth Advisors, which specializes in investment planning, retirement planning and serves as a resource during the estate planning process for clients. The two have a combined total of more than 40 years of experience in the financial planning industry.

Needs vary from person to person, but a majority of the time is spent investing client money. According to Mazorra, they don't try to do it all. Instead, the company utilizes additional resources to help them and their clients get the answers they need.

Our mission is to help our clients achieve "financial peace of mind," said Mazorra. Our goal is to help them feel comfortable, even in the midst of a volatile market. Mazorra and Murray help their clients set realistic goals and expectations; the secret to long-term success is to make wise financial decisions along the way.

Investments are complex and because of what today's technology brings to the consumer, in terms of information, the process can become very confusing. "In business you define the one thing you do best - something you are passionate about, and make that your focus" said Mazorra. "As a firm, investments are our passion."

Private Wealth Advisors' covers a fairly broad territory. While most clients are located in the Central Valley, the firm does work with people throughout the United States. Today's technology easily allows for long-distance relationships.

"In terms of our culture, we impress upon our staff to imagine that, at all times, our clients are sitting on the edge of our desks watching every move we make. There is absolutely nothing that transpires in our office that we wouldn't be proud to have our clients witness," said Mazorra.

In addition to Mazorra and Murray, the company employs six individuals. It's also a family business - Mazorra's father and oldest son work with him.

"Clients trust us," said Mazorra. "They know that we focus entirely on their best interest."

For more information about Private Wealth Advisors, visit or contact 559-451-3463. In addition, Mazorra frequently writes on his blog, Between the Lines, at


Friends of the Family Farm Spotlight Profile: Ag Today, June 12
By: Katie Rodgers