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Star Pump Company: Farmers servicing farmers

Star Pump Company (Star Pump) was established to meet very specific needs—that of providing quality well development and installation of durable water systems that maximize water and energy efficiency. As a result, Star Pump has extended their expertise and quality of service to their neighbors and the agricultural community-at- large.

Today, the business prides itself on being able to provide their customers comprehensive water pump engineering, installation and repairs. Star Pump’s agricultural pump systems include turbine and lift pumps, as well as large submersibles. In addition, the company offers a variety of services to evaluate water systems: pump station inspections, pump tests, pump efficiency testing and well testing—all in order to provide their customers the best choices for their operations.

Star Pump makes it a priority to work with their customers’ timelines. “It is very important to us that we are meeting our clients’ needs while also educating them on solutions,” stated General Manager Mike Logoluso. He added, “communication is key” with every project they take on, making sure goals are met, and, when issues arise, they are addressed immediately.

As general manager, Logoluso oversees the day-to-day activities of the company, noting that every day is different. He grew up with roots in agriculture and has been with Star Pump since the beginning, developing business throughout the Central Valley. He credits Star Pump’s staff for the excellent service they provide at each job site.

Logoluso says Star Pump works collaboratively with a variety of local drilling companies to provide deep well solutions. “Our mission is to make sure that water is always there to meet our customer’s needs and is provided by the most cost-effective delivery system,” Logoluso said.

Star Pump Company is based out of Madera but their growing team services clients from Merced to Kern Counties. The company offers services outside of the agricultural industry, including commercial, institutional and municipal water systems. Star Pump utilizes the latest in water delivery technology to provide reliable and efficient systems to clients.

Educating growers and clients on functionality of wells ultimately leads to an increase in the lifespan of the pumps. Logoluso emphasized the passion they have for their customers and the agricultural industry. “Hearing our customers’ satisfaction with our service is a thrill.”

Star Pump joined Fresno County Farm Bureau as a Friends of the Family Farm premium member in July 2018. “Farm Bureau provides Star Pump Company with a great opportunity to be involved in the industry and community,” Logoluso said. “We want to support the organizations that our customers rely on.”

Logoluso said he looks forward to the continued opportunity to service the pumping needs of farmers throughout the San Joaquin Valley. He added that every drop of water counts to grow the crops that feed the world. “We are farmers that know the value of how precious water is to our customers’ operations.”

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