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Click on the blue bar to use the Agrian label lookup tool.  With this tool, you can type product names to find up-to-date label and MSDS information or by clicking on the Advanced tab (top right) you can use the dropdown fields to search for specific product information by manufacturer, state, pest or active ingredient.”  For technical support and to learn more about the Agrian field suite, call (559) 437-5700.


Agricultural Air & Water Quality Booklets

Please contact the FCFB office at (559) 237-0263, if you would like to receive a copy of the following booklets.

The 16-page, user-friendly workbook, "Agricultural Air Quality: Conservation Management Practices (CMP) for San Joaquin Valley Farms," makes the mandatory reporting and compliance process as easy as possible, including the necessary forms and applications. The 16-page workbook provides information about conservation management practices in laymen's terms, along with descriptive details and extensive photos illustrating how farmers can reduce PM10 emissions from field activities.

The Agricultural Air Quality booklet has been recognized and received awards from the following organizations:

  • Region 9 of the United States Environmental Protection Agency
  • The Central California Chapter of the Public Relations Society of America
  • The American Lung Association