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H & J Chevrolet makes friends of their customers


With his passion for agriculture and customer service, John Teixeira has been serving farmers� and ranchers� automobile needs in the area since 1968 as owner of H&J Chevrolet. H&J Chevrolet became a Fresno County Farm Bureau Friends of the Family Farm Sponsor in 2011.

John was born and raised on a farm and is a big supporter of the agriculture industry. �We�re a farming community,� John said. He has been a FCFB member for several years and decided to continue his support of the organization by becoming a sponsor.

While in high school, John�s desire was to own a gas station. However, his experience in the automobile industry began in 1951 when he was hired in the parts department of Sims Chevrolet, which was opened in 1932 in downtown Kerman by Bill Sims. Shortly after starting at Sims, John spent two years in the Army serving in Korea. When he returned he was able to continue in his position at Sims.

John progressed through the parts and service departments, and eventually landed in the sales department. Several years later, Sims retired and John became co-owner with his co-worker Haskell Spikes. John and Haskell renamed the company H&J Chevrolet in 1968.

Ten years later, H&J made the move across town to their current location on Whitesbridge Avenue. Haskell passed away in 2006. The company is now run by John and his two sons, Mike and Rick Teixeira.

The Teixeiras hold extreme regard to customer service. They are active members of the community and strive to take care of their hometown. John�s farming background provides additional experience and knowledge, which helps him relate to their agricultural customers.

�We treat our customers like we would want to be treated,� Mike said. H&J Chevrolet is family-oriented and customer service comes second-nature to them. John said that they take care of their customers and friends, and make friends of the new customers.

In addition to the dealership, John currently operates an almond orchard at his home just blocks away from the dealership lot.


Friends of the Family Farm Spotlight Profile: Ag Today, April 12
By: Sarah Thomas