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Ag Education

Fresno County is one of the largest agricultural counties in the world. One out of every three jobs in our county is directly related to the food and fiber industry. And yet, few people really understand agriculture and its economic impact on their community and their own lives.

Teaching students about agriculture can be easy, fun and a productive way to shape students into informed, educated consumers and voters. Many teachers have discovered that incorporating ag into their classrooms provides them with real-life examples when working toward math, science, reading and other educational standards.

With changes in California’s education system focusing more on standards-based learning, FCFB focuses its agricultural education efforts on the county-wide Farm and Nutrition Day for Fresno County third graders. Operating as a half-day field trip, students participate in activities that showcase both the agricultural industry as well as focusing on the benefits of making healthy eating choices.




California Foundation for Agriculture in the Classroom is a wonderful resource for educators.

Valley's Gold Education through Agriculture fosters an awareness and understanding of the value of agriculture in everyday lives.

Farm Academy Live is a FREE interactive video conferencing program built to meet the Common Core State Standards for grades 3-4. The courses offered are; "Milk: From the Dairy to your Door," �Cotton: From the Field to your Family," and �Food & Nutrition: From Fork to Farm.� Each lesson provides students with a hands-on engaging activity; raw products are sent directly into the classroom for the students to physically touch and see. Using the latest video conferencing technology the 45-60 minute lessons are taught by the Farm Academy Live teacher.

Farm Academy Live provides students with a virtual field trip to an agricultural destination. This opportunity allows them to experience firsthand, agricultural production and processing methods they may never be able to experience otherwise. Students will learn about where their food and fiber comes from and meet the farmers that produce the products they have grown to love.

Visit the Farm Academy Live website,, for more information or to schedule a class for next year. Pre and post lesson activities and resource materials are also available for download online.

Please call our office at (559) 237-0263, if you are looking for ag related curriculum we might have what you are looking for or can help you locate it and/or point you in the right direction.